What is a used car loan?

When you apply for a used car loan with us, we understand you need a personal loan to help with anything car OR vehicle related. Yes, we really do mean anything!

Our loans range from $500 up to $10,000 and may be secured or unsecured, depending on how much you need.

Have good credit? Our loans are designed so your good credit will always be rewarded! But if that’s not your situation, and you currently have bad credit, that’s ok with us too. Our bad credit car loans can help with certain levels of defaults, paid or unpaid, as well as discharged bankrupts, so whatever your loan need and personal situation may be, consider us today!

What can a used car loan be used for?

    Our used car loans aren’t just for people wanting to buy a second hand car or even a new car. They can be used for so much more!
    Our loans can be used to purchase other vehicles such as caravans, motorbikes, boats and trailers plus help out with anything else vehicle related, such as:
    Repairs, insurance, tyres, registration etc.
    Car hire or holiday van rentals
    Hoping to purchase privately? We can help with that too.

So whatever your vehicle need may be, our loans are ready and waiting!

Our used car loans are available to customers with good and bad credit scores – apply with us today!

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